Cycling, Dolomites and passion


There's a very specific place in Val Badia where the cycling movement that later became the renowned grand fondo cycling Maratona dles Dolomites was founded.


With a bit of pride, we can claim that the ideas and the organization started taking shape precisely in "Ustaria Posta".

Edoardo, who grew up with a passion for cycling, rode his bicycle daily from his house in the hamlet of Piccolino all the way to Brunico to attend high school. Once he took over the management of Ustaria Posta in 1975 and had gathered a few cycling buddies, he founded the first cycling club in Val Badia in 1978.


Although busy between competitive cycling, work and family, the group, nevertheless, in 1980 found time to organize the first finish-line and time-trial races on the Val Badia roads and the Dolomite passes – somewhat like organized local rides – that later, in 1987, became the first edition of Maratona dles Dolomites, with 145 participants.


The Maratona continued to increase in magnitude each year, so much, in fact, that the Rodes Val Badia cycling club handed the reins over to a new organizing committee in 1996.



Ustaria Posta for cyclists

If you're a passionate cyclist, then you're not just any guest at Ustaria Posta: you're a cycling buddy who conquers the Sellaronda hairpins and those of other Dolomite passes soaked in sweat.


Because we're also cyclists here at Ustaria Posta, you....and your two-wheeled "Loved One"... will feel right at home. There's a bike garage for her to rest in, with tools to keep her looking and feeling her best!

A rich breakfast buffet and an ample terrace to sit down and relax after a day of being in the saddle await cyclists. And we guarantee there will be more food on your dinner plate than decoration! If your shorts and clothing accessories need a wash, then they'll share a run with ours in the laundry machine.


Check out the "Offers" section on our website so you don't miss out on the special cycling deals with different kinds of service offered at Ustaria Posta.


Igor and cycling

I've tried them all....bikes, that is. My first competitions were on road bikes at the age of 7 in what was back then the G1 category. Then I moved on to BMX biking competitions at the national level. After that, the "off-road" movement – mostly known as Mountain Bike – started.


After trying all these possibilities, I finally found the one that perfectly matches my physical characteristics: cyclo-cross. It has given me the most satisfaction in top level competitions, eventually earning me a spot on the Italian national team between 1994 and 2005 to compete in world cup and world championships

I've never completely lost my competitive nature: I still enjoy racing, with the sole goal of competing against myself – or against a couple of extra pounds (we've said the meals at Ustaria Posta are generous!)

You can see where I push the pedal by following my profile on Strava or on other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.


Please also take the time to follow my little side project Cycling the Dolomites where I give a personal description of the Dolomites climbs and roads.


Our favourite cycling routes in the Dolomites


It's really hard to list every kind of route you are able to ride in the Badia valley, Dolomites and South Tyrol, the combinations are endless. Here's an example of what might be a week of cycling among the peaks of the Dolomites:


Mirì - Rina bici da stradaDay #1:

Mirì - Rina (GPS)
Climbs: Mirì

42,4 km - 1.150 m. altitude gain



Giro di FodomDay #2:
Fodom loop (GPS)
Climbs: Campolongo, Falzarego, Valparola
56,7 km - 1.650 m. altitude gain


Passo delle Erbe - Laion - GardenaDay #3:
Passo delle Erbe, Val Gardena loop (GPS)
Climbs: Mirì, Passo delle Erbe, Laion, Passo Gardena
108 km - 3.875 m. altitude gain



San Vigilio - Pederu - BadiaDay #4:
To Pederü, the door to the Fanes Natural Park (GPS)
Climbs: Pliscia
70 km - 1.761 m. altitude gain



Sellaronda - Campolongo - Pordoi - Sella - GardenaDay #5:

Sellaronda clockwise or counter-clockwise loop (GPS)

Climbs: Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Passo Gardena
66 km - 2.300 m. altitude gain



Campolongo - Serrai di Sottoguda - Fedaia - Pordoi - CampolongoDay #6:
Passo Fedaia through the Serrai gorge (GPS)
Climbs: Campolongo, Fedaia, Pordoi, Campolongo
100 km - 3.380 m. altitude gain




Other services for cyclists


  • Guides and organized excursions
    at 100 meters ->

  • Free road bike rental
    thanks to the special Holimites offer Rent-Ride-Relax

  • Road bike all-inclusive
    Are you stuck under rain on a Dolomites pass? Or you have mechanical problems? Don't worry! We teamed up with Holimites in order to offer you an amazing upgrade to your vacation. Check out all the services available in the special "Road bike all-inclusive" package that you can buy directly at the front desk of our hotel.
  • Bike rental and repair:
    at 100 meters -> BikeTop Badia

  • Sport massages:
    Upon advanced request we can arrange for sports massages directly at Ustaria Posta. 

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