Mountain biking and gravel rides in the dolomites

You can read about our passion for two-wheeled beauties on the page dedicated to road cycling, so we won't expand too much on that here.


If you're looking to take full advantage of Mountain Biking and Gravel rides in Alta Badia and in the Dolomites, you definitely need to come physically and technically prepared.


Trails can vary between simple biking adventures through the Ladin farms around the towns of Val Badia and longer, more arduous trails through the Fanes-Sennes-Braies natural park.


For those of you who are beginners, there are two choices to get in the game. The first option is undoubtedly by using lifts to reach the higher altitudes and then ride downhill on the mountain bike. Another option is using E-Bikes that give that extra boost to those who are lacking a bit of horsepower in their legs.


What is true for road bikes also goes for Mountain Bikes. Count on a bicycle garage, plus the option to give your muddy-buddy a bath, for example, after hitting a single-trail on a rainy day.


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Alta Badia

Alta Badia