Our favourite DOLOMITES cycling routes

It's really hard to list every kind of route you are able to ride in the Badia valley, Dolomites and South Tyrol, the combinations are endless. Here's an example of what might be a week of cycling among the peaks of the Dolomites:

Day #1:

Mirì - Rina (GPS, video)
Climbs: Mirì

42,4 km - 1.150 m. altitude gain

Day #2:
Fodom loop (GPS, video)
Climbs: Campolongo, Falzarego, Valparola
56,7 km - 1.350 m. altitude gain

Day #3:
Passo delle Erbe, Val Gardena loop (GPS, video)
Climbs: Mirì, Passo delle Erbe, Laion, Passo Gardena
108 km - 2.950 m. altitude gain

Day #4:
To Pederü, the door to the Fanes Natural Park (GPS, video)
Climbs: Pliscia
70 km - 1.070 m. altitude gain

Day #5:

Sellaronda clockwise or counter-clockwise loop (GPS, video, video 2)

Climbs: Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Passo Gardena
66 km - 1.680 m. altitude gain

Day #6:
Passo Fedaia through the Serrai gorge (GPS)
Climbs: Campolongo, Fedaia, Pordoi, Campolongo
100 km - 3.380 m. altitude gain

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