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History time

History time

Ustaria Posta dates back to 1877. Pire Zingerle and his wife Elena Dasser were the owners back then. Pire Zingerle was a baker, postman, and hotelier, all at the same time. In fact, at the turn of the 19th century, this building was a hotel and housed the bakery and the postal office within its walls.

In 1918, Ustaria Posta was handed down to their daughter, Maria, and in 1934 it was inherited by Giovanni Pescoller and Anna Oberhammer.

Giovanni Pescoller later married Lena Deiaco, who transferred the property to in 1975 to her grandson Eduard Tavella.

In 2018 Eduard and Nina give the throne and the keys to the fourth generation with their son Igor and his wife Claudia.


Ustaria Posta has enjoyed over a century of activity. Tradition, hospitality, and memorable home-cooked meals are its trademarks for a magnificent holiday in Alta Badia at the foot of the Dolimites.


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